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Everyone is quite familiar with direct mail. We receive it in our mailbox everyday and mostly toss it into the nearest receptacle. Seems like a tragic waste considering Direct Mail’s fairly exorbitant price tag. It is also a case in futility due to the fact that Direct Mail is more costly, time consuming, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) take too long to come in.


The Cost of Direct Mail Campaigns Continue to Top the Charts

Now that Direct Mail has been appropriately dissed – don’t fret. There is still a time and a place for it in the overall marketing mix, but the consummate marketer should have other weapons in their arsenal – namely Social Media tools.

Instead of investing hard spent dollars that you may not have on Direct Mail, why not try – are you ready for a new term – Tweet Mail.

Now you ask what in the world is Tweet Mail. It sounds made up. Well it kind of is but it is still a viable option to Direct Mail.

You can embark on a Tweet Mail campaign by test-driving the Social Media tool du jour- Twello?

Twello caption

Well, how does it work? Here’s an example to illustrate Twello’s place in the universe. Perhaps you are a psychologist and the life-line to your business is doctor referrals. With Twello you can create a highly targeted Twitter handle list of doctors within a 10-mile radius and tweet amazing content to your new following in an effort to establish a business relationship.

Why not give Tweet Mail and a go and tweet me @ScottBrand to let me know how it went.